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Fuck Yeah, Sexy Atheists!

Just a blog dedicated to all those sexy godless freaks out there-proof that atheists are the sexiest fucking people in the world! I post both men and women. In addition to sexy people, there will also be random instances of Dawkins, Hitchens and other generally atheistic stuff. Don't get mad at me if I occasionally post overly intellectual things. Don't hate unless you can back your shit up. Otherwise, don't be afraid to leave me a message! This blog is run by a brutally honest feminist teacher. If you dislike any portion of the previous statement, please do not waste your time by following me. If you are a real-life sexy atheist, don't be afraid to submit pictures of yourself.

Sep 10 '11

This is Rick Perry


I am a Texan. I have had to listen to this asshole make my state look bad for the last decade. If you can vote, don’t you dare vote for him.