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Fuck Yeah, Sexy Atheists!

Just a blog dedicated to all those sexy godless freaks out there-proof that atheists are the sexiest fucking people in the world! I post both men and women. In addition to sexy people, there will also be random instances of Dawkins, Hitchens and other generally atheistic stuff. Don't get mad at me if I occasionally post overly intellectual things. Don't hate unless you can back your shit up. Otherwise, don't be afraid to leave me a message! This blog is run by a brutally honest feminist teacher. If you dislike any portion of the previous statement, please do not waste your time by following me. If you are a real-life sexy atheist, don't be afraid to submit pictures of yourself.

Nov 18 '12

Christopher Hitchens v. Tom Metzger (some white seperatist asshole)

Apologies for the weird 90’s ads that people forgot to cut out.

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